Project Highlight: Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (BHER)

Borderless Higher Education for Refugees is offering blended/hybrid post-secondary education (online and onsite) to refugees living in Dadaab. These programs are fully accredited university certificates, diplomas and degrees. The uniqueness of the model, in addition to delivering full university degree programs in the camps, is in the “stackable” design of the programs.

All students enter one of two streams: primary education or secondary education. Following their completion of either a Certificate in Primary Education or Diploma in Secondary Education students will have full accreditation for those years spent in study and they can use those certificate/diploma credits towards a full degree in a range of fields (not just Education) including Education, Health, Business, Equity Studies, and Public Policy. This makes pursuing a full degree flexible and transportable in the case of resettlement, repatriation and/or given the unstable reality of living in the context of conflict and insecurity, as is the case in Dadaab. BHER students are currently enrolled in InSTEP (Increased Access and Skills for Tertiary Education Program), a pre-university preparation program focused on research skills, academic English and ICT training.

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