Fall 2013 Newsletter from IASFM

Fall 2013 Newsletter from IASFM:

IASFM brings together academics, practitioners and decision makers working on forced migration issues. Through the ages, the forced movement of people, displaced within their own countries or across borders, has been of concern to states and to humanitarians alike. Whether people have been forced to migrate due to persecution, to flee war, to escape famine, or because of a major devel opment project, they face a need for protection and/or assistance.
Since the end of the Cold War this issue has seen renewed attention. The problems seem ever greater: the solutions ever more scarce. The issue is increasingly perceived to be global in scope, while some solutions may be very local. By coming together, scholars, policy makers, NGO advocates and those working in the field can think together and develop greater understanding of the implications of forced movement. The members of IASFM meet at biennial conferences. They share their news through a Newsletter. They form a vibrant and active community. If you have not already joined us, please do so today.