E-Course: Promoting Migrant and Refugee Integration

Promoting Migrant and Refugee Integration (29 October-9 December 2014)

This e-learning course focuses on the main issues at stake related to migrant and refugee integration in increasingly multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies, including labour market access, family reunification, access to education and education support programs for migrant children, and the integration of irregular migrants and especially vulnerable groups. 

Course outline

Week 1. Guiding principles for integration and policies
Week 2. The links between immigration and anti-discrimination
Week 3. A secure status as the starting point: family reunification and long-term residence
Week 4. Access to nationality and political participation
Week 5. Support for immigrant adults: employment, education and language courses
Week 6. Support for immigrant children: the 1.5 and 2.0 generations

For more detailed information and online registration: www.hrea.org/promoting-integration.

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