‘A Cemetery for our People’

3_baker‘A cemetery for our people’

A Guatemalan diplomat struggles to save her countrymen in south Texas and nearly loses herself. Part three of Beyond the Border, a four-part series from The Texas Observer and the Guardian.

It was the phone calls to Guatemala that Alba Caceres dreaded most. For a moment, when the family saw the number was from the United States, they would be certain it was their loved one calling to say everything was fine, and their spirits would be lifted. Then they would hear the news.

“Some mothers in the moment become faint, they scream, they cry,” Caceres says. “Others simply say, ‘okay, thank you.’ Someone else has to take the phone because the mother can’t talk anymore. She’s in shock. And then there are others that say, ‘Tell me. You tell me and I will deal with it, but tell me the truth’ – because we mothers are like that. We have to know.”

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