What Can a Pregnant Photojournalist Cover? Everything – NYTimes.com



“One day in August 2013, as the war in Syria raged, thousands of displaced Syrian Kurds fled into Iraq, and I went to photograph the exodus. At the Sahela border crossing, 150 miles northwest of Erbil, four thousand Syrian Kurds snaked around the desert valleys along a dirt road connecting the two countries. I imagined what it would be like to have to flee for my life with Lukas and Paul, with our possessions in our arms, Lukas slung over my back. I put my camera to my eye and through my long lens watched the colorful shuffle of thousands of forlorn refugees. I photographed families escaping with whatever belongings they could carry on their backs, the elderly hobbling along the uneven road, glistening with sweat, as young mothers and fathers held their children in their arms. I photographed wide as they approached, their shoulders sometimes brushing mine, and every few minutes I lowered my camera from my eye and offered a big “Salaam!” to the endless stream of refugees. Many smiled back, calling me by my title: “Sahafiya.” Journalist.”