NPR – “Can’t Go Home: Syrian Refugee Stories”


Reporting by Joanna Kakissis
Photography by Holly Pickett


With Syria engulfed in civil war, here are four stories of families struggling to stay together.

Dalaa al-Aydi, the 4-year-old girl in the images above and below, was born into a middle-class Damascus family just before the start of Syria’s civil war, which has killed so many and displaced so many more. By the time her family reached Lueneburg, Germany, last fall, she had already lived in a dozen places.

Despite all the upheaval, she seemed happy in her new home, dancing and counting in her recently acquired German. But her father, Wisam al-Aydi, noticed that she was forgetting about Syria. Whenever the family talked about its lost home, Dalaa chimed in.

“Takh, takh,” she said, mimicking the sound of gunfire — her only memory of Damascus.

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