Up Against the Wall: Photos of International Borders

Wall Street Journal

Photographer Flo Razowsky documents physical borders across the globe


Nogales, 2015.
Nogales, 2015. PHOTO: FLO RAZOWSKY

Flo Razowsky walks freely. A frequent traveler, she takes planes, buses, trains—and has even hitchhiked—to get where she is going. Crossing international borders with relative ease as an American, camera at the ready, Ms. Razowsky believes art can inspire action.

The great-granddaughter of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire, and as one drawn to social movement work, the photographer in 2002 found herself in the Palestinian territories. It was during that visit that she “watched Israel begin construction on what is now a nearly 500-mile long wall inside the West Bank of occupied Palestine.” That inspired her ongoing project “Up Against the Wall.”

Ms. Razowsky has spent several years photographing international borders, choosing locations where she said, oftentimes, people are willing to risk their lives to cross the border.

She continued: “I chose these locations because I think it is important to expose those of us not forced up against the walls in this world to consider what our privilege costs us. “

Tijuana, 2014.
Tijuana, 2014. PHOTO: FLO RAZOWSKY

West Bank, 2015.
West Bank, 2015. PHOTO: FLO RAZOWSKY

Jerusalem, 2008.
Jerusalem, 2008. PHOTO: FLO RAZOWSKY
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