Call for interest: Refugee-led organisations in cities

Urban Refugees has designed a 3 month incubation program for refugee-led organisations operating outside camps, to provide them with training, mentorship, and technical assistance in the areas of:

–    Organizational capacity building, including finance, legal, HR but also website and social media management
–    Fundraising, especially through online crowd funding campaigns
–    Leadership, advocacy and outreach.

This will encourage the sustainability and self-sufficiency of these groups so that they can actively implement programs that will most directly benefit their own communities. The aim is also to equip those organisations with the tools they need to make their voice heard.

We are currently looking for refugee-led organisations or informal groups based in urban areas that may be interested in our program. Those organisations can be based anywhere in the developing world.

If you are involved with such a group or know of a group that may be interested, please contact the Urban Refugees team at or visit to learn more.

Text and image taken from Urban Refugees email posting and website.