‘Be patient’: families of Kyrgyzstan’s migrant workers left behind – in pictures


The pregnant widow of a migrant worker taken in Chek, Batken Oblast. Between 2014 and 2015 Elyor Nematov documented the daily lives of the families left behind for his project, Father Comes Tomorrow



Laila, 70, is raising four grandchildren in Djangijer. Their parents have been working in Russia for more than three years. ‘Whenever a plane flies over us in the sky, the children ask me, ‘Maybe it’s our parents coming back?’ I tell them to ‘be patient’


Women cooking Sumalyak, a traditional springtime dish in Osh, Osh Oblast. ‘Father comes tomorrow’ is a phrase familiar to millions of children across central Asia, though no one knows when ‘tomorrow’ will actually come

See further images here. (Original published in Guardian)