Burundi: UN Proposes Measures to Prevent Mass Atrocities

The international community with the United Nations Organisation taking the lead, has opted for a contingency plan and emergency measures to stop the carnage in Burundi caused by the continues rise of violence.

The United Nations Security Council this weekend adopted a three-option resolution contained in a letter UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addressed to the council. The UN resolution came amidst heightened violence in the capital, Bujumbura. Burundi’s army spokesman, Colonel Gaspard Baratuza summed up the level of atrocities when he said, “The final toll of the attacks yesterday (Friday, December 11) is 79 enemies killed, 45 captured and 97 weapons seized, and on our side eight soldiers and policemen were killed and 21 wounded”, news agency reports quoted. He further said that “Fighting continued into the night and the corpses found in these neighbourhoods this morning are enemies.” Reports say at least 240 people have already died in the violence that erupted in April 2015 and more than 200,000 have fled the country.

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