Call for participation: CCR-Amnestry International Youth Network refugee photo project


As part of a joint CCR-Amnesty International refugee awareness campaign, the CCR Youth Network is launching a national youth project to highlight the faces and voices of former refugees.

We are looking for:

  • Newcomer youth from across Canada who want to get involved.
  • Refugee-serving organizations willing to support newcomer youth  participating in this project.
  • Photographers willing to support and mentor participating newcomer youth.

To find out more or to sign up to participate, please contact Jihane El Atifi, Refugee Awareness Campaign Coordinator at

About the project

  • Groups of newcomer youth across Canada will identify and photograph local people who came to Canada as refugees. They will also interview the people so that the photograph can be accompanied by some information on how they contribute to Canada and/or what they recommend to make refugees feel at home in Canada.
  • The photos and captions will be collected and presented as an online gallery on Instagram and may be used for exhibits (especially around Refugee Rights Day – April 4) and in campaign resources.
  • Guidelines will be provided to support participating youth.
  • Project period: January 2016-April 2016
  • Location: Anywhere in Canada