Syrian refugees flood into Manchester to fight rising waters

Syrian refugees flood into Manchester to fight rising waters

Syrian refugees living in Manchester braved heavy rain and strong winds to fill sand bags and battle flood waters in a neighbouring town on Tuesday.

Like many parts of north-west England, Littleborough has been hit hard by floods – and locals have been racing against the clock to stop the waters seeping into their homes.

What they lacked was manpower and time, as the waters crept ever higher.

Seeing that their neighbours in Littleborough were in trouble, seven Syrians who recently settled in Manchester packed their bags and travelled 25 miles north to the Rochdale suburbs.

“We saw the pictures on TV and wanted to help,” Yasser al-Jassem told the Manchester Evening News.

He told the city daily that he reached the UK by travelling on the back of a lorry from Calais in May.