Call for Creative Non-Fiction

Call for Creative Non-Fiction

From Far and Wide:
Stories of Refugees and Migrants in Canada
Susan Dodd and Stephen Kimber, editors

The editors invite contributions of creative non-fiction for possible inclusion in a collection of essays:

From Far and Wide: Stories of Refugees and Migrants in Canada.
Canada is a nation forged from wave after wave of people from around the world who fled their homes in search of refuge. Authors are asked to celebrate and to problematize Canadian self-conceptions in a focused, factually rigorous, and narratively engaging story of immigrant experiences.

The contents of this collection will be shaped by the contributions. Each chapter will tell the story of refugees and migrants who made it into Canada, telling their particular stories to illustrate the national and international history; as well, we will preface each section with a brief outline of the international situation that acknowledges the countless refugees who were not welcomed in Canada, and analyzes the cultural and policy goals that drove such inclusions and exclusions.

We invite submissions on the following:
1. Introduction: Canada and the Syrian Refugee Crisis
2. First Nations: pre-contact Canada
3. Life in the early settlements
4. Loyalists: White and Black
5. Populating a Nation: Religious refugees
6. Populating a Nation: Political refugees
7. Populating a Nation: Economic refugees
8. Populating a Nation: Speculators and capitalists
9. Other suggestions

Submissions should appeal to anyone who is interested in the remarkable cultural response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis, and who seeks to understand Canadian nationalism through stories of migration and colonization. Included chapters will be historically rigorous, critical of conventional nation-building dogmas, well-written, and disruptive of racial, linguistic, and economic categorizations. This collection will appeal to a wide general readership; we hope that it may be used also in Canadian Studies, Creative Non-Fiction, History, Political Science, and Sociology courses.


Statements of interest are due on January 15, 2016.
Completed submissions will be due on June 1, 2016.
Final manuscript will be submitted on January 1, 2017.


Susan Dodd is a professor of Humanities at the University of King’s College. She is an editor of Hegel and Canada: Unity of Oppposites? (University of Toronto Press, Forthcoming), Each Book a Drum: 10 Years of Halifax Humanities (Halifax Humanities Society, 2015), and the author of The Ocean Ranger: Remaking the Promise of Oil (Fernwood, 2012).

Stephen Kimber is a professor of Journalism at the University of King’s College. He is the author of numerous works of creative non-fiction, history, journalism, and fiction, including What Lies Across the Water: The Real Story of the Cuban Five (Fernwood, 2015).

Please submit statements of interest or completed essays to: