Questions people ask: “Why do refugees have expensive mobile phones?”


In the wake of the influx of refugees into Germany, anger has risen over the perceived benefits that the newcomers are receiving. So a group of Berlin illustrators have decided to use art to dispel the myths.

We don’t have any more space for refugees. They only come for economic reasons. They all have expensive mobile phones. And they are putting a strain on our social welfare system.

These are just some of the stereotypes repeated over and over again in the debate on refugees in Germany.

So, together with 15 other artists, the Berlin-based illustrator Alexandra Klobouk decided to set up a website featuring a series of cartoons designed to allay common misperceptions and fears about refugees.

The 32-year-old, who trained at one of Berlin’s most prestigious art universities, came up with the idea at the height of the debate about Germany’s massive migrant influx last fall. “The discussion became more and more emotional then,” she said.

After becoming concerned about the way the debate was heading, Ms. Klobouk and her friends felt it was time to debunk some of the myths around refugees and get “back to the facts.” was born.

The website has since attracted much attention – both good and bad.

Read the article and see the illustrations here. (Posted in Handelsblatt via Die Tagesspiegel)