Greek Soccer Players Stage Sit-In Protest To Honor Migrants And Refugees (Video)

At a soccer match in Larissa, Greece, on Friday, players on opposing teams showed true sportsmanship to stage a protest in solidarity with the migrants and refugees who died trying to reach their country.

After the referee blew the opening whistle, instead of starting the game, all 22 players on the pitch — as well as substitute players and coaches on the sidelines — from Greece’s second-division football clubs AEL Larissa and Acharnaikos, sat down in silence. Footage of the moment can be seen in the video above from Greece’s OTE Sports channel, which was distributed by the Guardian.

The crowds erupted into applause, and an announcer said the players would stage a two-minute sit-in protest “in an effort to drive the authorities to mobilize all those who seem to have been desensitized to the heinous crimes that are being perpetrated in the Aegean,” according to Reuters. (After the brief demonstration the teams resumed the game, which concluded with AEL Larissa beating Acharnaikos, 2-0.)

The protest was “in memory of the hundreds of children who continue to lose their lives every day in the Aegean due to the brutal indifference of the EU and Turkey,” the announcer said, referring to the Aegean Sea, a recess of the Mediterranean Sea located between Greece and Turkey.

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