Resource: The Global Detention Project


New report on Immigration Detention in the United States
May 2016

With Donald Trump the presumptive Republican Party nominee in the United States, the discussion over immigration enforcement in the country promises to become even more heated. The United States operates the world’s largest immigration detention system, which accounts for the a major proportion of the total number of immigration detainees in the world. On any given day, the country has some 30,000 people in administrative immigration detention at an estimated cost of nearly $150 a day. In 2016, the combined budget of enforcement agencies was $19 billion. The country’s sprawling detention estate counts on some 200 facilities, including privately operated detention facilities, local jails, juvenile detention centres, field offices, and euphemistically titled “family residential centres.” The country has also supported the detention of migrants and asylum seekers in neighbouring countries, which has been at the center of a recent lawsuit filed by Mexican and US non-governmental organizations.