Call for papers (13 August): Proposal for a special issue of Refugee Survey Quarterly on Colombian Refugees

Call for papers – Proposal for a special issue of Refugee Survey Quarterly on Colombian Refugees

Violence in Colombia has led to the internal displacement of almost seven million Colombians, but the over 345,000 who have been displaced across the country’s borders have largely stayed in obscurity. After more than fifty years of war, the Colombian Government and the FARC guerrilla are moving towards a peace deal that might bring an end to the longest-running armed conflict in the Western hemisphere, and thus perspectives for peacebuilding are on the horizon. Displaced Colombians have an enormous potential to influence this process, but, unlike Colombian IDPs, the role the country’s refugees (either formally recognized as such or not) can play in this scenario has been scarcely explored.

In this context, UNHCR’s Office in Colombia is interested in encouraging wider discussion of this topic.  We have now published a first paper on UNHCR’s New Issues in Refugee Research Series ( ) and want to explore the possibility of publishing a special edition of Refugee Survey Quarterly (RSQ) on this issue in 2017. Although it is clearly an issue that is evolving every day, this historical context provides a special opportunity for scholars and practitioners in the field to contribute to this ongoing process.

Potential topics include:

1.            An overview of the evolution of the cross-border displacement of Colombians, including the reasons for its invisibility

2.            An evaluation of public policies for Colombians displaced abroad

3.            Tensions between the concepts of ‘refugee’ and ‘victim abroad’ and of ‘durable solutions’ and ‘reparations’

4.            Perspectives for durable solutions for Colombian refugees both in Colombia and abroad

5.            The role of Colombian refugees in peace negotiations and peacebuilding

6.            Similarities and differences between frameworks for reparations for IDPs and refugees

7.            New and/or evolving forms of violence in Colombia and their current and future impact on cross-border displacement and solutions

8.            The impact of regional instruments and processes in the status of Colombian refugees

The papers will follow RSQ’s regular instructions for authors ( ), except the submission of abstracts, as UNHCR Colombia will collect and submit them to RSQ on behalf of interested parties by late August. If the proposal is accepted by the Board, first drafts of the contributions would be needed by November to be submitted to double blind peer review, and therefore submission of abstracts or first drafts does not necessarily imply acceptation for publication, which ultimately depends on RSQ’s own review process. If the process is successful, approved papers would appear in RSQ’s special issue # 2 in 2017.

If you are interested in participating, please send an abstract of the proposed paper and a short bio note before 13 August.