Helping refugees in Greece get facts, not rumors

Many refugees are at a loss in their makeshift camps in Greece. Volunteers have set out to help them get the information they need and debunk false rumors. Marianna Karakoulaki reports from Thessaloniki.

When refugees were stranded in Idomeni at the Greek-Macedonian border, new rumors about the border being open again emerged every other day. People would pack their belongings and run towards the Macedonian fence only to be pushed back – oftentimes with force.

Although most refugees are now in official refugee camps in Greece, those rumors have not stopped. There is a new story almost every day about the re-opening of the Balkan route, organizations supposedly giving refugees pocket money or how long people will have to wait in Greece. These rumors then lead to heated arguments among refugees.

The Mobile Info Team at a camp talking to refugees (photo: DW/D. Tosidis)

With an estimated figure of more than 57,000 refugees in the country, and new arrivals of approximately 70-170 people per day, the task of informing people of their rights and options is challenging.

Volunteers have set out to help them get the right information they need. The “Mobile Info Team”provides answers to the refugees’ most pressing questions.