Narratives of Displacement International Conference Sept 23-24

Narratives of Displacement
International Conference

23-24 September 2016 – Warsaw, Poland

Organized by the Interdisciplinary Research Foundation and Institute of Humanities, Szymon Szymonowic State School of Higher Education, Zamość, Poland

Keynote speaker: Prof. Wojciech Nowicki, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University (Poland)

This conference seeks to explore the narratives of displacement and to demonstrate the validity of a cross-disciplinary approach which brings together the historical, cultural, social and literary expertise in the handling of text. The conference will particularly focus on time and space representations and on treatment of the theme of cultural ambivalence and identity conflict. The subject of displacement will be regarded as both a migration, voluntary or forced, and a sense of being socially or culturally “out of place”.

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