The refugee crisis is a feminist issue. We can’t just sit by and watch – Helen Pankhurst

The current refugee crisis is one of the gravest humanitarian disasters to unfold across the world in modern times. Among a multiplicity of universal horrors, this crisis presents specific threats and challenges to the millions of women who are refugees; and,like all feminist issues, the resolution of this one depends on solidarity.

‘Nadia made the journey to Greece in an unseaworthy, leaking boat at nine months pregnant. Her unborn child died on the journey, the inevitable result of malnutrition and stress.’

This week’s Global Summit on Refugees and Migrants is a key moment for feminists to call upon world leaders with the age-old rallying cry: deeds not words. A year on from Alan Kurdi, we still have a moral case to help child refugees. While the world looks the other way, Care International and Women for Refugee Women have been working together in advance of the summit, to give refugee women a platform to tell their own stories – tales of grief and hardship that shed light on the fact that this crisis is very much a woman’s crisis.

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