ESPMI Logo Design Contest

Are you up for a creative challenge? The ESPMI Network is looking for a new logo!


The ESPMI (Emerging Scholars and Practitioners on Migration Issues) Network strives to connect emerging scholars, practitioners, policymakers, journalists, artists, and all those involved in forced migration and refugee studies to meaningful work and professional connections, as well as to produce new research and new interest in these important issues.

As the majority of the Network’s activities take place online, we’re looking to develop a clear and instantly recognisable online presence. Part of our efforts to streamline our visual identity is the need for a new logo.

Design Requirements

We are looking for a new logo—a design that captures the essence of the ESPMI Network as a place for debate, learning and sharing knowledge.

Design entries should include the name ‘ESPMI Network’. As a Network working on migration issues, it is important that migrants and the subject of migration is depicted respectfully.

Entries will be judged for the style and impact of a design that can be used easily on ESPMI Network’s materials (such as its twitter feed, website, and letterhead) and is scalable.

The logo must be a minimum of 2″ wide or 2″ high (whichever is the larger proportion) at 300 dpi. Ideally two files should be submitted: an RGB colour file and one black and white file. The image file may be delivered in any of the following formats: psd, tiff, png, or jpeg.


Please send your entry as an electronic file in ai (preferred), jpg, png, psd, tiff, or indd file format. Submissions must include your name and email address. Please include a short description of how the design represents the Network. Email entries to:

Deadline: Monday, November 14th, 2016

As an organisation run entirely by volunteers, we regret that we are not able to offer any remuneration to the winning design. The winner will of course receive proper credit on our website and bragging rights.