Deadline to apply for Graduate Research on Forced Migration (CARE Research Associates) November 21, 2016

Key Contact: James Milner
Contact Email:

Opportunities for Graduate Research on Forced Migration 

In November 2014, CARE Canada, Carleton University and York University agreed to cooperate in the design, implementation and management of initiatives to build research capacity to better understand the impact of global policies relating to protection, assistance and solutions for refugees and other forced migrants, and to build from this understanding to advocate for better responses to the needs of the forcibly displaced.

One element of this agreement is the development of opportunities for graduate students working on issues relating to refugee and forced migration studies to conduct fieldwork in locations where CARE manages programs for displaced populations.

To this end, CARE, Carleton University and York University will be identifying a limited number of graduate students to participate in this initiative. Selected students will become a CARE Research Associate and be supported in the process of planning and undertaking fieldwork relevant to CARE’s operations relating to refugees and forced migration, specifically relating to the implementation of examples of global refugee policy. Successful applicants will have a clear research proposal, be willing to contribute to CARE’s work with forced migrants, and demonstrated experience in conditions comparable to the proposed fieldwork location.

While applications will be considered for any country where CARE has a humanitarian operation, the following Country Offices have expressed a particular interest in receiving applications:

– Jordan

– Kenya

– Lebanon

– Uganda

Support Although there is no financial support for fieldwork through this partnership, successful applicants will benefit from other forms of valuable support, including:

– Facilitated contact with the relevant CARE Country Office

– Support in planning the logistics of fieldwork

– Safety and security guidance

– Access to research informants and participants

– Institutional affiliation for the purposes of ethics approval and research permits

Requirements Interested students would need to provide a completed application form, including:

– 250 word research proposal, explaining the focus and significance of their research

– 150 word statement of the contribution of the research to CARE’s work with forced migrants

– 150 word description of experience in conditions comparable to the proposed fieldwork location

– Timeline for the proposed research

– Statement of the support required from CARE

– Confirmation that they are registered in a graduate program at Carleton University or York University

– Confirmation that they have completed the pre-fieldwork requirements of their program

– Confirmation that they will raise the necessary funds to cover the costs of fieldwork

Final decisions rests with the relevant CARE Country Office and will be subject to the capacity of the Office and the security environment at the time of the proposed fieldwork.

Students at Carleton University should send their completed application to Dr. James Milner in the Department of Political

Applications will be considered from 4pm on 21 November 2016.