Week 4 of #migrationspeak Guest Twitter Project

We are pleased to welcome our fourth guest tweeter, Paul Dudman, who will be sharing his thoughts on the @ESPMINetwork Twitter handle for the week of November 21st-27th.

Paul will be focussing on the role of archives in documenting and preserving the refugee experience. Based upon the work he has been undertaking with the archive of the Refugee Council, one of the UK’s largest third sector bodies working in this area, there is a debate to be had on how archive materials that survive can influence the historical narrative of migration.  What materials have survived, and whose voices are included and excluded from the archival record?  Equally, it will focus on community engagement and outreach work resulting in the creation of the Living Refugee Archive and how the recording of life histories can help challenge the current negative discourses around refuegees and migration.

rsz_paulPaul is the Archivist based at the University of East London. Paul has been responsible for the Refugee Council Archive at UEL since 2002 and has over a decade’s experience working within higher education archives. Paul is a co-convener of the IASFM (International Association for the Study of Forced Migration) Working Group on for the Archiving and Documentation of the History of Forced Migration and Refugees; and Lead Convener for the Oral History Society (UK) Migration Special Interest Group. Paul is interested in the role of archives in helping to support the collection and preservation of first-hand life histories and testimonies both for their importance for allowing often marginalised voices to be heard and for their ability to support refugee advocacy. On behalf of the Refugee Archives at UEL, Paul has been undertaken civic engagement and outreach work to raise awareness of the importance of refugee archives and to encourage the use of oral history in documenting life histories of refugees. An output of this work has been the creation of the Living Refugee Archive portal.

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