Should Canada resettle refugees from Greece?

Written by Dana Wagner
IRPP Policy Options

The Arabic-language Souriali radio program once traced for its listeners the routes that crisscrossed over the Mediterranean, collected in Greece and branched back out across Europe. A mix between documentary reporting and a travel guide, it explained, here’s what you need at this border, here’s the cheapest train, here’s where to charge your phone.

Eight months ago, the lines into Europe from Greece largely disappeared. There are only a handful of ways the story ends for people who sail for Greek shores. One ends in the water. Another for those who passed through in transit involves a retreat back to Turkey. A third ending is suspended and incomplete. Over 61,000 people are in limbo in Greece, unwilling to retrace their steps and unable to go forward. A European deal with Turkey in March 2016 outlined how refugees would be sent back to Turkey and given resettlement aid.

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