The cemetery of unknown refugees from the Mediterranean

By  AljazeeraPublished December 29, 2016

Zarzis, Tunisia – “I’ll sometimes get a knock on my door at night when a new body has been found,” says Chemseddine Marzoug. “Autumn and winter, when the winds are stronger, is when most of the bodies wash ashore.”

Marzoug stands on a hilly wasteland outside the city of Zarzis in southern Tunisia. The sand is spotted with small bushes and pieces of rubbish, and in the distance are plantations of olive trees.

There is nothing to indicate that this is a cemetery, where hundreds of people have been buried after drowning while attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea from Libya to Italy. One of the latest victims, an African woman in her 30s, was found on the beach in Zarzis without any documents after floating in the sea for about a month.

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