Call for Papers: Deportations & Expulsions

no. 44, June 2017

Deportations & Expulsions

a cura di / edited by // Andreas Oberprantacher & Andrea Mubi Brighenti

In this issue, we invite contributions analysing, documenting and carrying out critiques of historical and contemporary practices of deportation and expulsion. We are interested in the political and legal scaffolding of deportation, as well as, more amply, its rationale – its philosophy, its architecture, its logistics and its biopolitics.

Simultaneously, we are also interested in shedding light on the psychological aspects of deportation and expulsion, both in terms of lived experience (violence, trauma, fear, anxiety) and in terms of public ‘spectacle’ and/or the public ‘repressed’. By doing so, we inherently invite reflections on the current interweaving of the ‘humanitarian reason’ and the ’securitarian reason’.

We encourage pieces that take a social-spatial as well as a social-temporal perspective on the phenomena of deportation and expulsion. Indeed, these practices reveal something essential about the nature of social and institutional time-spaces. How are spaces created, maintained, policed, and reclaimed? How is mourning, grieving, remembering negated, how are memories – despite all odds – affirmed? How do deportation and expulsion act upon local place attachment, but also an affective geography of the urban space? Which imaginaries are associated with different forms of forcible removal? What is the visibility of deportation across various social places? Which practices of resistance are or have been enacted in terms of spatial diversion, evasion, hiding, camouflage etc.?

Deadline | 31 March 2017

Contributions expected word count | 1,500-2,000 words

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