New Research on Immigration Detention and Mental Health

Immigration Removal Centres in England

A mental health needs analysis

Dr Graham Durcan, Jessica Stubbs and Dr Jed Boardman

9 January 2017

Over 30,000 people were held in UK immigration detention in the year to March 2016, many ofcover page to report with man looking down whom have experienced torture, trauma and oppression.

Following a report which highlighted the poor mental wellbeing experienced by many detainees, Centre for Mental Health was commissioned by NHS England to conduct a rapid mental health needs assessment across Immigration Removal Centres (IRCs) in England.

10 IRCs were assessed as part of the Centre’s needs analysis, to explore the wellbeing of detainees, the services in place and the perspectives of people working with those detained.

Immigration Removal Centres in England finds that people detained in IRCs often face significant challenges to their mental health. The report finds that levels of distress, problems with living conditions and lack of both certainty and liberty, all had a significant impact on the wellbeing of those detained.

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