What universities are doing to help Syria’s lost generation

Published February 8, 2017
Source: The Conversation

Since 2011 nearly 5m people have fled Syria, creating one of the biggest refugee exoduses in recent history – and the number continues to grow. Globally, millions more have been forced to flee their homes due to war, conflict and persecution – latest figures indicate that there are an estimated 65m displaced people across the world.

A displaced person is someone who has been forced to leave their home or place of habitual residence – a phenomenon known as forced migration. And for these people, the first line of assistance from their hosts – and the international community – will always be the real basics: food, water, shelter and health-care. But education – and, in particular, higher education – often lags behind.

Displacement can affect a wide range of people, but whatever your position it almost always leaves you poorer and less able to access education. In Syria, the Institute of International Education estimates that more than a quarter of Syria’s young people – men and women – were participating in education before the conflict.

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