Annie Zean Rebecca Dunbar


General Executive

Annie Zean Dunbar is the Program Coordinator at the Center for Forced Migration Studies through the Buffett Institute of Global Studies at Northwestern University. An educator and social worker, Zean has worked in multicultural communities as a program manager, survey researcher, and case manager. Her research interest include race and identity formation, trauma and reconciliation, secondary migration, and long term resettlement in the United States. She is the cofounder of the collaborative Connect-the-Dots, an arts based organization in Chicago focused on deconstructing “big ideas”. Zean is a graduate from the Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago with a program of study in International Social Welfare. She is a 2014 Fellow of the Pozen Center for Human Rights at the University of Chicago, and holds a certificate in Refugee Protection and the Rights and Process of (Re)Settlement through the Center for Forced Migration Studies.