Dacia Douhaibi


Managing Editor, Refugee Review

Dacia Douhaibi completed a BA in Anthropology at the University of Victoria and a MA in International Affairs at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa before beginning a PhD programme in the Geography Department at York University in Toronto in 2012. As a doctoral candidate, Dacia has significantly increased her study of the forced migration literature base, looking at the intersections between development, land grabs, governance and forced migration. She is completing a dissertation project that analyzes the factors contributing to the forcible displacement of South Sudanese people, both within and outside of South Sudan, particularly some of the lesser studied influences connected to territorial behaviours and practices and, relatedly, state-building processes.

Alongside her academic study, Dacia acted as co-Chair of the Centre for Refugee Studies Student Caucus between 2013-2015, worked in several capacities with the Borderless Higher Education for Refugees project starting in 2013, and over the past year, she has been working with the Indochinese Refugee Movement Project to create user-friendly online teaching modules on topics related to forced migration and refugees that neatly connect with Ontario secondary school curriculum guides. Dacia has been the Vice President of Vulnerable Children Society, a volunteer run non-profit that provides support to vulnerable children in marginalized communities in Liberia and Ethiopia, for the past four years and is currently working with Justice Africa, an organization campaigning for human rights and social justice across Africa, and initiating and supporting civil society activities promoting democracy and peace. Dacia has been an active member of ESPMI since 2013.