Martin Joormann


Refugee Review Editorial Team

Holding Bachelor of Science degrees in international relations and sociology from the University of Gothenburg, Martin Joormann completed a dual-degree MA in social sciences, taught jointly at Middle East Technical University Ankara and Humboldt University Berlin. Currently he is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Sociology of Law at Lund University. For his dissertation project, Martin is studying legal decisions of precedent value that are written by the judges of the Swedish Migration Court of Appeal. Meanwhile, his doctoral studies are conceptually focused on legitimation within legal decisions. Thus, in order to deepen a discourse analysis of the legal documents which, as precedent decisions, legitimize also the expulsion of unwanted asylum seekers, Martin has conducted semi-structured interviews with judges who take decisions at Sweden’s Migration Courts. With this empirical socio-legal research Martin is exploring the communications between legal system and wider society, and the interrelations of legality and legitimacy.