Penelope Kyritsis


Refugee Review Editorial Team

Penelope Kyritsis holds a BA in Postcolonial Legal Studies—a major she designed independently—from Brown University. She wrote her senior honors thesis on the humanitarian and legal discourses around sex trafficking and the contemporary refugee crisis. She conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Marseille, France (summer 2015) and Athens, Greece (winter 2016), through which she discovered numerous insights concerning the selective allocation of asylum and citizenship.

She is currently based in Providence, where she is a research assistant for the “Policing Modern-Day Slavery in Rhode Island” project in Rhode Island, which studies the impact of the 2009 recriminalization of sex workers in Rhode Island and the new forms of policing that have emerged as a result of contemporary anti-trafficking efforts. She is also editing and coordinating a policy debate on reducing modern day slavery in global supply chains hosted by Yale University and openDemocracy.